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Wrong internal clock time of Misty

My Misty’s internal clock time is far off for the correct time and the region. There’s an information how to change them using below steps, but I don’t have the password at the bottom of my Misty. Please help to provide

  1. In a web browser , enter the address in the format: http://IP_address:8080
  2. Enter the username: administrator
  3. Enter the password:
  4. Go to the device setting to make change for clock and time zone.

I prefer the Misty clock should sync automatically with the local PC/ network once the wireless connection is made successfully.


Thanks for this Phillip - we will look into it.

Misty II does automatically update the time once connected to a network, however it does not update timezone automatically.

@phillip.vinhha thank you for reporting this issue. I have messaged you the administrator username and password. Do let me know if you are able to log in and update the timezone.

Hi Woo, please resend to me via the email address Thanks.

Done. Thank you @phillip.vinhha, let me know if you didn’t receive it.

Hi Justin, it worked well for me and my Misty is now having proper local time to support my new skill.
Thanks very much.

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