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Wpa2 wifi and enterprise wifi

I really need more options for wifi for Misty. For example, a web authentication step which requires a username and a password. Generally, wpa2; specifically eduroam. Eduroam is what most universities use for wifi and it makes accessing Misty much easier around campus when I perform studies using Misty.

Even if there were some kind of shell network manager tool that can handle wpa2 (e.g., wicd), and allow for ssh access to it, that would be helpful.

I am unable to use the soft wifi. For now the USB-Ethernet works (since it bridges Ethernet with eduroam), but we want Misty to be able to roam free. For security reasons, we aren’t allowed to just hook up a router.

I saw this issue: Unable to connect to enterprise WiFi but it didn’t resolve the problem in the end.

This is an issue for us too (also eduroam actually). We can’t use the guest wifi either because it requires you to “agree” to terms. So we’ve been stuck tethering Misty to our phones to get her to work.

Curious about the USB-Ethernet solution you’re using. I also see that Vlad has provided a solution but it’s not simple (and isn’t something most classroom educators can perform).

@montek, is using Misty as a soft access point an option that would work for you, or do you need Misty to have a connection to the internet for external requests & cloud service integrations?

@johnathan I didn’t realize she could do that. For most classroom uses now that might simplify things for the educators because for now, we’re creating sample skills and running them on her

Ultimately, though, we do need her to be able to fully access the internet. For example, I created and ran the concierge skill on my personal misty and was hoping to install it on the classroom misty the next time I was there.