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WIP (Work in Progress) section


There should be a section for developers to show off projects that are works in progress. This allows others to contribute and to track issues within a specific project.


Nice idea, @Scotty! Were you thinking of them posting videos here, for example?


Maybe a subcateogy here:


I am thinking that when developers make things like USB backpack extensions, 3D printed arms/accessories, and skills that go along with those.

These sort of projects are usually longer in the works, and may generate interest from the community to participate/help. This could be a subcategory of showcase, with the emphasis that it may be anything from the starting idea to wrapping up the project (and then be ready for a showcase). It also allows us to see into the process of how developers approach this process.


At SmartThings we had the concept of SmartApps and those track very closely to what we are thinking for Skills. I thin a Skills category (somewhere) where people can share those works in progress (and perhaps invite feedback and collaboration) would be good. Like a place for draft skills prior to submitting to the “Skills Store”.


Ha - I actually forgot about this section:

There’s one for accessories too:

I think maybe we just add to the category descriptions that these are places for draft and discussion and not just completed works.