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While waiting for my Misty II


I have doing a lot of work using my Segway Loomo in anticipation of getting my Misty II

Since both Loomo and Misty II are android based I wanted to share info on a few apps I have installed on Loomo that would probably work on Misty II

Since my previous programming experience was in C for embedded controllers and in scripting for corporate IT Windows Client installers, Java and Android OS was a real learning experience

One pleasant surprise was that I could install several standard Android apps and I hope Misty II will allow us to do the same.

TeamViewer Host- let’s you remote control an Android system
Firefox browser, couldn’t get chrome to work
Skype with auto answer gives you Alexa Voice Service- Alexa commands including home automation and Fire TV control- no music or audible books

Reverb really allowed me to expand the usefulness of Loomo in providing AVS

Loomo has some good Java samples and I’ve been able to modify them to do a few things if you like to see my YouTube channel