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Which API to use?

Hello Misty community,

I am new here and will probably be very active on these forums since my senior capstone project at University at Albany has to do with programming Misty II ! I’ve been reading up on the Misty Docs and I have one general question. Which API do you guys recommend ? Is it a matter of what language I am comfortable with? Are there pros and cons for example using JavaScript API vs. REST API, or do they provide same functionality?

Thank you !!!

Thanks for the great question, @sollazzo08!

I’d recommend checking out the Introduction to Skills doc to get an idea of the differences between the SDKs and APIs.

At a high level, the REST API is best when you want to run your code on an external device – like your computer – and send commands to Misty over WiFi. If you want to use a language other than JavaScript or C#, if you’re already familiar with the basics of REST, and if you don’t care about running the code on the robot, then this could be a good option.

The JavaScript SDK and the .NET SDK both allow you to write skills that run locally on the robot. The JavaScript SDK may be a little more friendly for those who are new to robots and coding in general, but has some limitations (for example, you can’t use external JavaScript libraries, and there are limitations on what kind of data you can send / receive via external requests.) Skills you write with the .NET SDK compile into actual background tasks that run alongside Misty’s own software on Windows IoT core. Misty’s .NET SDK is compatible with several C# libraries, so if there’s something you want to do that isn’t directly supported by one of Misty’s commands, you can probably find a workaround – but the .NET libraries are still in Beta, have less documentation, and are likely to change frequently in the coming months.

What goals do you have for Misty with your capstone project?

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Thank you for the great answer ! @johnathan

I will take a deeper look at the documentation.

We want to turn Misty into a caretaker that can watch over people with disabilities or people who are handicap. Our main goal is fall detection. Do you recommend anything for this idea? We were thinking about using an Arduino.

We think fall detection is a great use case. We have built out a few demos of this internally, but I am not close enough to the details to tell you how they work. I’ll flag a few people to see if we can share anything :slight_smile: Keep us posted and let us know if there’s anything we can do to help!

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That would be great! We get to start working on Misty very soon!

Thank you!