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Where are Misty's sensors?


Is there a diagram that I can reference to figure out exactly where Misty’s sensors are? I am currently experimenting with Misty’s CapTouch/Touch Sensors. I would like to set as many cases as possible. Is it possible to set different cases for different sides of Misty’s head? Ex. Left and right sides

There is a very simple PDF graphic available that shows the position for Misty’s different sensors, including the approximate position for capacitive touch sensors: Misty II Sensor Hardware.

(Note that there is an error in that document; the labels for the RGB camera and the Wide Angle Fisheye Camera are swapped.)

TouchSensor events trigger for the following regions:

  • Chin
  • HeadLeft
  • HeadRight
  • HeadBack
  • HeadFront
  • Scruff (this is the handle on the back of Misty’s head)

All positions are relative to Misty’s point of view (so, HeadLeft is Misty’s left, HeadRight is Misty’s right, and so on).

These values return for the sensorPosition property in TouchSensor event messages. Simple WebSocket Client is a good sandbox for experimenting with event messages :slight_smile:

thanks, this is exactly what I needed