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Where are all the apps?

Hi, I’m new to the Misty community; still waiting for my robot to arrive. But while waiting I was looking for 3rd party apps that I could download and use.

It’s my understanding that one of the great things about Misty is that developers can program and 3-D print new abilities for Misty, so I was expecting to see a searchable “app store” where these 3rd party apps could be placed and shared. I’m sure we’ll create apps we’d want to share.

But I don’t see anything like an app store. Plus, I searched for Misty Robot on Thingiverse and there were no results. Where are all the apps?

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Hey there - welcome! You’re really raring to go. Love it! As you know we have yet to ship our production robot, the Misty II. It’s predecessor, the Misty I prototype robot has little int he way of accessories and hardware add-ons. Certainly not like what we expect for the Misty II. When that releases we will release CAD files and hopefully add projects to Thingiverse and elsewhere. Here’s a video of some such 3D printed accessories:

As for the for all the apps—we call them skills— we are justing getting started. We have some early developers developing skills but they are sharing them on Github for now. We’ll launch a store when it is the right time, but downloading skills when you don’t have a robot at home won’t make sense.

I’ve been brought on, though, to specifically catalyze this sort of activity in robotics here at Misty. Before joining I helped get SmartThings up and running in the IoT/Smart Home space and I can see the same trajectory here. Let’s keep the conversation going, @morenberg!