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What's your "killer app" for Misty?


A “killer app” is a function, purpose, or feature of a product that is so desirable or necessary that it proves the value of a larger, core technology. Often, it is the reason why you want to buy or have to have a particular product.

For example, the killer app for the walabeer tank robot is bringing it’s owner a beer.

In a product like a Misty robot that is targeted toward developers, the killer app will be developed by the consumers who buy the robot. Each developer is likely to have their own unique reason for wanting to buy a Misty robot.

So I’m wondering, what’s your killer app? What is the very first skill that you will develop with your Misty robot? What do you want your Misty robot to do more than anything else?


If a Misty arm attachment were made to dispense treats, the following robot could be replaced by Misty running an “entertain dog” skill.


I was thinking about @michael’s suggestion for the pet food dispenser and it led to another thought re: killer apps. Misty could be the “supervisor” for a variety of consumder IoT devices that might benefit from visual inspection (but don’t have a camera and image processing to keep cost and complexity down). Imagine some IoT home devices that load pet food dishes and water bowls, unlock doors (this idea has come up in the forum), chase pets off furniture, or even activate robot vacuums, etc.
Misty could monitor the house and provide instructions via wifi to these devices to perform their tasks, of course assuming some published API.


Even just “is this room occupied?” and setting things accordingly. I know I am keen on getting my robot integrated with my SmartThings setup.


I hear you, @ben! A butler for the masses. Fire up the coffee maker and review the news headlines as you walk into the kitchen in the morning.


Yes. Hockey and soccer results also.
Another nice thing to know would be the traffic - should you work at home or head to Office.


It’d be cool if Misty could help you train your pets. They say discouraging a pet from, say, jumping on the coach trains the pet to be afraid of you, rather than of jumping on the coach, because the behavior is only discouraged when you’re around. If Misty could yell at the dog whenever he jumps on the coach, that’d be sweet. Also Misty could help in positive reinforcement training- say telling your dog to sit, and giving him a treat if he obeys within a couple seconds. Misty could help train dogs to stay, come, lay down etc. when you can’t be at home to work with your pet yourself. Misty could send video clips to your phone of your dog responding to commands. That’d be a really fun notification to get while you’re out- “Rover sits, stays and comes!” with a short Misty-perspective video.