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What's on your mind? Let's create an agenda for our next Town Hall meeting



I’m putting together an agenda for our next Town Hall meeting and would really appreciate hearing what the community is interested in talking about. Last time we covered the status of Misty I and Misty II, went through our product roadmap, and spent a good amount of time answering questions. This time I’d love to add a few broad topics around the robotics industry in general, perhaps discuss AI or human-robot interactions or brainstorm applications for robots in the home and office.

Here’s a proposed agenda, let me know what you think!

  • Welcome (2 minutes)
  • What is our mission at Misty Robotics? (3 minutes)
  • What’s new with Misy II (10 minutes)
  • What programming a robot looks like (10 minutes)
  • Robot personality overview (10 minutes)
  • Where will Misty be next? Upcoming Events (5 Min)
  • Q/A (10 Min)


I like it. Maybe we could add a section where a few people could highlight what they might want to do with Misty.


@Ben I’m for it! New agenda item:

Misty use cases and projects (10 minutes)


I’d like to add to agenda for a Voice Recognition demo with Misty II if possible or progress status.


10 posts were split to a new topic: How would you describe hardware and software development activities at Misty?


I like almost all the topics proposed, including all of those on the original agenda. If you plan to add new topics to this agenda then I think you should also extend the duration of the Town Hall meeting or merge two highly related topics if such exists. As it is I’m not sure we can do justice to some of the originally proposed topics in the time allotted.


@BoulderAl you are correct, I’d like to keep the event to under and hour in length. I added some timing to the agenda to give an idea of depth you can expect in the discussion. In future Townhalls, we can plan for more in-depth discussions with fewer topics.

I’m curious if you have a topic in mind you’d like to really dig into?


Yes I do. I’d like to dig into Misty’s personality as broadly and deeply as possible in the time allotted.


We are kicking around some single topic topic conversations for the near future, I’ll make sure this one is on our list.