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What would cause Misty to go catatonic?


I meet my Misty a year ago. Got started without a problem. Then had personal problems that turned us both off for 8 months. Today I was ready to restart … and can’t do anything.

Misty seems to be recharging and has been all day.

I opened the Misty App and got a black screen with MISTY on it. But then the page is totally unresponsive to anything. Trying to down load it again … just opens the black screen.

I logged in to the command center ok …Misty Robotics / SDK / Command Center

But can’t do anything there until it has a wifi connection. But giving it the same name and password I use every day to open it for Windows produces a dialog that say may take a few minutes … then nothing. No error. No try again. No connection. Populate no longer has old wifi network credentials. Clicking Populate finds no networks to add … while Windows shows 8.

Its like everything has gone catatonic and I can’t get even an error response out of anything.

Can anyone point me to a place in the docs that have the equivalent to windows “Reset to Factory Settings”?

Of suggest anything else I can try.

Hi @piikoicoder, thank you again for purchasing Misty, we really appreciate your support. Also thank you for your patience while we work to resolve this issue.

Yes, it’s hard to do anything until Misty has a wifi-connection so the first thing we should do is try to get it on your wifi-network.

Might you be able to try and install the application on another phone/tablet? That way we can see whether the issue with the application is maybe phone specific.

Misty doesn’t have an easy way to “Reset to Factory Settings” yet, but I suspect once we connect the robot to Wifi most of the problems should be resolved. Again, thank you for your patience and keep me posted.

Hi Justin,

Thanks for your help.

It really is frustrating that now I FINALLY have time to get … and stay … serious, WiFi is uncooperative.

I have no idea why, BUT

… I loaded the Misty App on a different iPhone6 and

… that app opened

… it got a Bluetooth connection

… and that let me connect to wifi.


… no idea why

… the app on my WiFi finally began to open again

… and connect it via WiFi.


… for reasons beyond my ken

… I’ve tried two PCs that are connected to my WiFi network

… and neither one can get the Command Center get a Wifi Connections

… and without that I can’t connect the Command Center to my Misty’s IP address.

Even though both computers connect to the internet via my WiFi network.???

Any chance it has anything to do with my network having a name, i.e. on with a space in the name? “Henry WiFi”

Anyway, I’m going to try to get some help from the folks who set up the network to get the name changed to one with no space … or maybe just scrap it and set up a new one. But with the insanity of a 3 Trillion Dollar China Virus hoax getting anyone to come to your home is like pulling teeth.

So I’ll spend some time this weekend reconnecting me to Misty … and hope I can get some help getting the Command Center connected starting over on Monday

Otherwise, any plans to be in Texas again someday? Grin … this time with Misty wandering a grownup height table instead of down on the fool where children play.

Happy Trails, Pardner

And best to you and yours and Misty

… with my eye on the Enhanced version

George Berish