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What type of file extensions are allowed for attachments to a Misty topic post?


Q: Are attachments allowed? What kind? Which size? By whom?

A: Thanks to Ben Edwards, Head of Developer Engagement.

– Only by Members.
– pkcs7 and x-vcard extensions are black listed.
– Max size is around 4mb


There are a few attachment settings we control. We blacklist: pkcs7 and x-vcard but really only allow: images (gif, jpg, jpeg, png) but new users cannot post attachments (until they reach a level of member) and there is a filesize restriction of 4mb or so.


Ok. Thanks. I guess that means I’ll need to include the meta and js script in the question as it develops. Assuming the original question can be edited as answers are obtained.

Which of course depends on having the ability to edit what I’ve previously posted. Something I’ll test next on the original post to which you replied…

For what it’s worth, I’ve always found the Indian burial mound accumulation of multiple suggestions, comments good and bad advice terribly inefficient. And frustrating. Especially for beginners (the source of my earlier comment about old timers unconsciously turning a forum uninviting to beginners. A result that should be anathema for a project the sales video touts as intended to make robots more “accessible” … to deliver the promise of Will Robinson’s robot.

For me that means offering more than just click here, and point there, or download this cool app, to “learn” how to program Misty to do something. True insight and advancement requires a different kind of knowledge tree … grin … at least me thinks.

So I’ve always thought a better approach would be to cull relevant responses into the original question, to end up with a complete concise story … from where the question begins to where it ends in the final solution. I mean lots of questions start out incomplete and only solidify as comments and help is added.

But that’s just me. So, as long as it doesn’t bother anyone, I’ll try to do that with my first technical question. Post it as a question of concept. Then edit the main post as sub issues arise and are answered till a final complete beginner friendly story of the resulting skill results.

That’s a lot easier to say than to do. But nothing ventured and all that …

Thanks again for the continuing help.


you can also share code via GitHub Gist

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