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What is your face saying?


A different view on facial expressions - perhaps they’re not indicative of emotions?

The article alludes to the fact that many ‘affective recognition’ systems are trained on these ‘prototypical’ facial expressions of emotion, so mayhaps they’re learning the wrong data?

Additionally, I’m wondering about the implications for how we use the robot’s face to display her internal state. Perhaps we shouldn’t display emotion directly, but some of these ‘interactional roadsigns’ instead?


That does reflect the sentiments of the speaker in this discussion on the topic of emotions and that A) not all people have them, B) because our brains all have different structures based on experience we don’t translate them the same and C) we typically confuse expression with emotion where the 2 can be completely disparate.

Also was thinking about how peoples behaviors or actions reflect more about their emotional state than the face expressions. Perhaps there is a layer to Misty’s motor control policies that are driven by the internal state of emotions. Example if Misty as “Upset” perhaps all her actions speeds are increased and therefore would be a little more erratic and reckless. Or do we assume Misty should have no emotions at all and any sentiments shown through the face are more of a way to interface with the meat bags (like me)?


It’s like you’re reading my notes…


@Dan are you saying “you had me at ‘motor controller policies’”? :grinning: