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What Functions and how could they be used?

For ‘What can I create’ I think of it in a different way, more of what functions
would I want, and what could each be used for?

Also I see things not as indivial actions but as a system. So pull out a piece
and it does not work in the same way. (It affects behavior/personality/style).
And complexity is what I enjoy :), so for supportability I expect and normally
have to do simplification to apply. (The goal versus reality shoot for the stars
and you may make it to the moon versus stay on the ground perspective).
Profiles: (already in the works in development):

  • Change ‘profile’ of how I interact with this person
  • Meanings of tonal influctions/style
  • Choice of word usage
    - child versus adult - word knowledge, appropriate language
    - personal versus stranger/unknown - friendly versus gaurded/limited info
    - how the person prefers to be spoken too (wordy, brief)
    (learned trigger phrases for actions so it is more natural.
    Transcribe, dictate, journal, take a memo, record or a action to
    or gesture to mean the specific thing for this individual).
  • Question to think about is if the ‘style’ (eyes, eyebrow, etc) change
    - I would say no since it is to be a ‘personality’ physical attributes like eye color would not change based on user profile. (Although I would not mind either way, as a person can get color contacts or pluck my eyebrows, dye my hair).
  • Perhaps add by default external 'add-on’s arm unit or a external look (like a cape, leather ‘coat’, hat, scarf, arm type, etc).
    - change based on user profile? or how they are used
    - Or does the profile change when these are added?
    (I wear a ‘look’ influences my behavior/personality but does
    not change the baseline/underlying personality).


  • Voice recongination:
    • To identify the speaker
    • Change ‘profile’ of how I interact with this person
      (See profiles above)
    • Verify facial/location/proximity
  • NLP - Natual Language processing
    • Word usage/context with the person
    • tonal meanings
      ** Sarcasm - easier said then done
  • Clap-on/Clap-off response to sounds but personalized
    • Sound + sound pattern == Behavior/action request

Optical/Visual sensors

  • Facial recognition - again to identify person/profile
    • Confirm potentially with voice
    • (See profiles above)


  • Wheels - limited terrain with low clearance in current beta version
  • Current ‘can do’ features:
    • Adjust speeds/direction
    • Can express: excitement, fun, dance, spinning, tired/slow,
      injured/sad (slow intermittent jerky movements)

Future design:
Component desigh: More Snap circuit/Lego design

  • slide/snap in style for wheels/tracks/legs

  • Locamotion:

    • Tracks - initial design looks like low clearance also
    • Legs
    • Swap-able design
      • Need to easily remove/swap out current wheels
      • Need clearance from sides - can be part of the add-on design
        (eihter with width or below style design)
      • Can provide clearance under the robot
  • (Allows more personalization of the robot look while keeping the sensors).
    Gyroscope(s) is very much needed for walking but can be part of the ‘add-on’

Some other behaviors:

  • Impersonation:
    • Think Johny 5 (from short circuit) - repeating movie voices/sounds.
  • Excitment - can be applied to many areas (and excitment can be shown differently)
    • pizza arrival
    • you coming home
    • key phrases like - ‘Good job Misty/[individual robot name]’
      NOTE: And I want to see people use ‘individual names’ versus ‘Misty’
      to make it more personal. But you may be torn with marketing
      of getting the ‘MistyRobotics’ name out.
      My MistyRobot - Huron or Sabastian (my daughters choice of name)


  • Identify this song/movie/book based on a quote/sound affect clip/impersonation

  • Identify who said this quote: - there are quote web sites it can get the data from

  • hide-n-seek

  • hot-cold searching for something

  • treasure/scaventure hunt - with clues at each stop

  • Playing cards, card tricks

    • 21, poker, war, crazy 8, go fish
    • Misty would identify the card
    • And have ‘rules of the game’ (perhaps on a centeralized ‘database’ of how to play for Misty).
      • the simple rules for 21 if it is below 15 ‘hit me’ or count cards to increase odds of winning.
      • poker is more complex with the variety of hands, and which ones to drop or ‘go for’.
      • crazy 8
      • Uno - fairly simple game play but different cards
      • go fish - simple game of luck and matching - only skill is remmebering:
        a. Recognize cards
        b. Know you have to give the cards if you have them when they ask.
        c. What the oppenant asked for (when you get a new card), if they did not already lay down the match
        Array[requested cards] = x,y,z ; and if they had a match [remove match from array]
        d. What cards you asked for and how many cards drawn since you last asked (probability)
        Asked for card [x,y] - x is the card, and is the number of turns/draws oppenent had since the last time you asked
  • chess/checkers

    • a bit more complex on chess, lots of example games/level software available
      • could be a external ‘game engine’ it would send the moves to, and returns response.

I’m going to tag @Jane again, as she’s our product manager.

And @markwdalton - have you seen the roadmap tool on our main website? It’s a great place to add ideas or upvote existing ones:

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Yes I have submitted to that 3-5 skills. However, it is more ‘fractionated’,
it is like looking at a individual characteristic: Rabbit, Stream, Tree, Fox
but not seeing how they are all related in a ecosystem.

I will probably write up a ‘ecosystem’ based on Features/Functions:
Voice Recognition --> Image Recognition --> ‘Brain-process always running’ (daemon in the unix world)

So Features, Functions, and the mesh of inter-relationships. (At least how I see them and how they progress to get to personality development and something like thought
which for rational only is more or less taking in data and weighing perceived results based on research and past experience and then becomes a new data point).

I just have to think about how to present the complexity and make it simple and hopefully help weigh which features to do and how design them for inter-relationship.