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What does Battery Health @ 52% mean

My concern is that the battery health is deteriorating and soon we’ll have to replace the battery pack all together… when I run a diagnostics the battery heath showed at 0.52%… what does that mean? Here are all the battery related diagnostics results.

,“battery State”:{“key”:“Battery State”,“value”:“Discharging”}
,“battery Voltage”:{“key”:“Battery Voltage”,“value”:“8.134V”}
,“battery Current”:{“key”:“Battery Current”,“value”:"-0.399A"}
,“battery Temp.”:{“key”:“Battery Temp.”,“value”:“0C”}
,“battery Charge”:{“key”:“Battery Charge”,“value”:“0.96”}
,"battery Health":{“key”:“Battery Health”,“value”:“0.52%”}

Do you also get “0.52%” when you get the values via a request from offboard, like GET /api/battery ?

In both robots that I have, the value returned is healthPercent: null.

I asked a related question a while ago, but I did not get an answer about “health”: Definition of parts of battery level