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What are the Misty community's favorite robots?

Maybe this is a little less complex of a topic than this subforum is used to- but hopefully it’ll still get some discussion going! :grimacing:

So, to get to it- what are everyone’s favorite robots (besides Misty Robotics stuff, of course!)? I’m talking everything imaginable- from a Roomba, to Honda’s ASIMO, to Sphero, to the balancing Minion robot that you can find at Toys ‘R’ Us… what kinds of robots inspire you/improve your life today?

I’m really happy to be here!


We’re happy you’re here too! Even though I attribute personality to my Roomba, I really like those robots that do “personality” well. And by this, I don’t mean complex or even realistic motifs but rather something that endears the robot to me. In this way, I think Cosmo does pretty well. Also, I know this may not be a popular statement, but I don’t hate Jibo. Jibo’s creators just oversold him like he was a Segway.


My favorite is Wall-E. Despite being a cartoon character, Wall-E has interesting design ideas and almost human-like expessivness.
Real-life favorites are Spirit and Opportunity, fallowed by Curiosity - a lot of amazing engineering solutions and astonishing reliability.


I think it’s a great topic!

Personally, I’ve always been intrigued by the older generation of robots to see what people’s vision was back when space exploration and travel was booming. I’d love to get my hands on a Big Loo created by Louis Marx and Company. Such a cool toy with innovation for it’s time. Big Loo Wikipedia



Bender is definitely my favorite, even if he’s not a real life robot. I think his character is really interesting because they explore his identity, whether he feels emotions or not, his rights, and obsolescence/upgrading hardware.



Maybe a little biased, but mine is Sphero :slight_smile:


I was having a hard time, since I don’t really have a favorite(too many to like)… and then the obvious favorite popped right out.

Johnny-5, sometimes you “need a hero”


Johnny-5 feels alive!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hi there, My favourite robot would be one which can be a quiz questionmaster in a pub quiz for robots.
will you be working on this anytime soon?

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That would be great. I am sure someone will write a skill for that at some point. That is the best thing about an active community—they will create cool stuff!

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