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Want to help us test the upcoming .NET SDK for Misty?

We’re looking for a few more intrepid developers to help test the upcoming .NET SDK toolset with their Misty. If you have experience on the Microsoft stack and that sounds like something you could do and provide us feedback, we’d love to get you set up. Please reply here or send me a direct message.

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Hi Ben,

Please count me in and provide a link to procedure for getting all installation requirements to complete. I’ll check it out and provide a feedback.



Bumping this up for visibility. Still looking for a few more developers to help test the .NET SDK tool set with their Misty. Don’t be shy!

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I believe we are planning to send instructions to you after Tuesday’s release. This release adds support for .NET skills, and it will be easier to get started with the SDK after the update.

I can help.


Awesome - we will get the instructions and files to you

I would like to help test the .NET SDK. However, I only just got my Misty Robot yesterday so not sure how much I can help. But I have developed software using C# for a number of years (just not in last 2 years - doing python at the moment). Need to fix the forward and left rotation on Misty first - working with Justin on that.



I am a .NET guy. Please count me in.

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We’ve added those of you who’ve volunteered to the @dotnet-launch-crew. You should have access to a new section of the forums where we will soon be posting instructions for getting started. We’re excited to start getting your feedback!

Add me too please

The .NET SDK is now publicly available! It is currently in beta, and we are still looking for feedback. Feel free to add an item to the wishlist, share your observations in a reply to this topic, or to start a new thread if you’d like to initiate a separate conversation.

If you’re looking for a quick set of activities to get started, check out the .NET SDK training mission.

We can’t wait to hear what you think, and to make your feedback part of the SDK’s continued development!

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