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Voice Localisation instead of Sound?

I am just curious since Misty has a sound localisation skill where she is able to turn and look at the sound, if there is a way to be able to see if Misty can do this with just a voice? I know you have to initially do misty.StartRecordingAudio(“exampleWav.wav”); to start her localisation, maybe there is a way to incorporate misty.CaptureSpeech(false, false); into this so she can detect voices rather than simple noises. I want to try to filter out sounds because Misty is able to pick up on a lot of noises, even some that are coming from her motors or fans. So I am just wondering if we are able to set up a skill to ignore noises, and just work with voices?

did you consider SourceTrackDataMessage, which includes VoiceActivityPolar that indicates direction from which a voice is detected?

this is visualized in the Commend Center in the section “Audio Localization Visualization”.


Oh wow, that is amazing! So I guess my next question is since the array has 360 elements (indicating the 360 degrees she can possibly hear the voice), we would want her to turn the the element with the highest value. So how are the elements relative to the turning position? For instance, which angle would element 0 be?