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Velodyne Puck 32MR Lidar designed for drones & mobile robots

Unfortunately no mention of price yet. Velodyne is not exactly known for their cost effectiveness, but their products are really nice. I’d love to be able to get one of a Misty

but for the contexts in which Misty robots are expected to operate, would it offer much more than a Hokuyo scanner on a tilt mechanism, e.g., as on the PR2 robot 9 years ago (Hardware Specs | Willow Garage)?

I’m hoping these are cheaper, though probably unlikely. It’s been a few years since I’ve worked with either Hokuyo’s or Velodyne, but the UTM-30xxx we used to use were around $7-8K each. Of course the Velodynes were a LOT more. The Velodyne’s had better data throughput as well.

It looks like Hokuyo has a bevy of new products, some of which may be more affordably priced. I’m glad they finally got the 3D LRF model out. We were one of the first to use their prototypes of that and it was pretty cool, but had issues due to the mechanical complexity

for indoor applications, the Hokuyo URG-04LX-UG01 is excellent and has a fair price for many robotics applications (e.g., 1080 USD at

not to drag on this topic; I only wanted to comment about price for reliable planar scanners.

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