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Using navigation module

Hello All,
I am completely new to Misty’s navigation module. I have read the best practicies for the mapping and I have also installed latest android patch. but I gave few questions.
I was able to generate the may using the navigation module.
1.I was trying to drive her using the co-ordinates, My question is do I need to start mapping again while I use the tracking module?
Or I need to create a map first and start with the tracking.
2. How do I delete the existing map?
3. Once I have the map, how do I get the latest map in my skill (Or by default misty will only recognize the recent map?).
4. Once I have loaded map into Misty can I use the drivetolocation command by putting the co-ordinates of the location or I need to complete tracking module first?
5. Lastly, Is there any sample skill available which shows how to use the navigation module to drive her ?

Have you looked here:

  1. You need to create a map first. Then you can track within that map. If you start another mapping session it will become the current map and the old map will be pushed back. With both you have to wait for Pose.

  2. DeleteSlamMap Similar for JS and .NET SDKs

  3. By default last map is active. You can get a list of maps with GetSlamMaps and load the map you want with SetCurrentSlamMap

  4. Misty needs to know where it is. Thus tracking needs to be running and the robot needs to have relocalized and have pose (means it knows where it is within the map). If you are having problems getting pose it means that you’re in an area Misty did not see when mapping. Move the robot around until you can relocalize

  5. Don’t think there are any publicly available skills at this time. @johnathan probably knows better

Yes I did looked there and tried to follow the steps. I am having trouble getting the name for the map.
When I launch the navigation module and complete the mapping process, I can see the map on navigation module. I am not able to see any name on drop-down menu(It shows blank). So I was wondering I might be doing something wrong. Also I was not clear how to get all mapping data into the skill code.

2 & 3 above address how to manipulate maps (I know the links look the same but they are different underneath)

GetMap returns the map data.

There aren’t any public skills that use mapping capabilities that I can point to at this time.

If what you want to do is create a map and use that map data to have Misty navigate from one point to another in a JavaScript skill, I might suggest the following workflow:

  1. Use the Navigation Module to create your map.
  2. Once you have a good map, set that map to be the current map. (As you’ve seen, the map selection dropdown menu isn’t functional at this time. To workaround this, we can follow @Vlad’s suggestion to use the REST API commands. Use GetSlamMaps to access a list of existing maps, and use SetCurrentSlamMap to change which map is active. If you are new to using REST APIs, you may consider installing the Postman REST client, which provides a simple graphical interface for sending HTTP requests.)
  3. Once your desired map is set to the current map, start tracking. Use the map graphic to find the coordinates of locations where you want Misty to drive. Play around with different paths and coordinates by using the controls in the Follow Path section. Make a note of the coordinates that you want to use in your skill.
  4. In your JavaScript skill, use the coordinates for your points in calls on the FollowPath command. Remember that you’ll need to call the StartTracking command first, and that Misty must obtain pose before she will be able to drive to a specific location. You can register for SlamStatus events after you start tracking to get data on whether Misty has obtained pose (the easiest way to get that information is in the statusList attribute.) One of our prototyping engineers has shared a sample skill that shows you how to get pose status (notice that it does not include the call on StartTracking, so you’ll need to add that or manually start tracking from the navigation module or by sending the command with Misty’s REST API).