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Using Misty for Socially Assistive Therapy with Children

We’re using Misty II to teach and model social skills with children on the autism spectrum!

Fine Art Miracles, Inc. (FAM) has been using robots as part of their therapeutic service offering since 2013. We’re now integrating Misty for use in an 8-week program with a long-term client school. So far things are going great and our content and therapist-controlled software is working great with Misty.

***The pictures and videos I’m sharing are from an early test with my nieces and nephew, not FAM clients.

Our current PEERbot teacher or therapist-controlled software runs on Android. We’re looking to get help integrating Misty skills to better serve the kids in our program. Please message me on Slack @aubreyshick if you would like to help our non-profit develop new technologies to help kids.

I’ll be adding videos and links to github shortly.

*FAM PEERbot programs also support literacy skills, memory care for elders, and much more…!


This is awesome, @aubreyshick . Thanks for posting and thanks for joining the community!

Thanks for showing what you’re working on @aubreyshick! We’re excited to see how we can enhance your work!

Screenshot of our in-progress controller app. Apk on Slack :slight_smile: