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Using Blockly to move Misty's head


The ability to use Blockly commands to move Misty’s head is under development. You can try to use Blockly for this purpose, but Misty may not respond or may fail to return to a neutral position after a movement has occurred.


Is the Blockly working correctly for others? It seems I am not able to use the blockly.
I can use the CompanionApp, the API explorer or other written web interfaces.

I was just trying Blockly to see how it works and if I could get my child to be able to use
it (so I thought I would check first) and write some sample functions. They did not work
so I did a few 1 action Blockly tasks.
It gets this error while connecting, then after that it goes to ‘Connect’, then I click ‘Run’ and
nothing happens (no errors either). On the right you can see the console.

It is possible I am doing something wrong also :smile: I just want to make sure the functionality
is suppose to work or what I need to do to make it work.



Hi, Mark!

It should work. Let’s call @support in and see what they can do.

(Sorry for the delay! We’re only notified immediately when a post mentions @support or is posted into the channel.)


To be clear for @support, nothing is working for @markwdalton with Blockly right now. (Not just head movement.)


Hi, again, @markwdalton!

Can I confirm how you are trying to run Blockly? Did you download it or are you trying to run it from (Note that the url right now is HTTP, not HTTPS.)

If you haven’t tried out the hosted version, can you try that and let us know how that goes? Thanks a bunch for your patience!


Hi @markwdalton,
I’m not sure if you are using Edge for your browser, but I was just noticing that it is having trouble connecting. Chrome seems to work well using the url Donna provided.
Other than that, if your API explorer works, blockly should work, as they use the same endpoints.
Hope that helps!


Yes I was just using the with the Chrome browser on Ubuntu (hopefully that
is not a factor since there are so many and Chrome is one of the more standard
and popular over Internet Explorer (which is both less used and non-consistent
between versions).

I had seen that you had some use of it, so I wanted to confirm it
was working for someone before I dug further.

I will try downloading and testing. They python is working the best of all so far for my programming and I can easily just have python generate json/REST and do remote controls from AI/ML on a notebook to control misty.