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Username/Password to delete C# Skills?

In the Misty Skill Runner, when I push the trashcan button to delete a C# Skill, I am presented with an authentication prompt. What is the username and password that I should enter?

You’ll need to use the username and password on the sticker underneath your robot’s base. (You also use this username and password to install C# skills, to access the Windows device portal, and to connect to Mistys file system on the 410.)

Is there a security-related reason to require this for C# skills but not JS skills?

Also, I do not remember having to enter the username/password to install a C# skill, e.g., it is not mentioned in the sample project instructions, but perhaps I forgot.

In those sample project instructions, we use Visual Studio to deploy the skill to Misty (instead of the Skill Runner web page). Visual Studio creates an SSH tunnel to perform the installation, which doesn’t require you to supply credentials. Because it’s a website, the Skill Runner tool can’t use this method of transport, so you’re actually installing your .NET skills via the management dashboard for the 410 (Misty’s Windows device) – which means you have to use your robot’s Windows device credentials.

No, this isn’t really a security decision. When you install a .NET skill, you are installing a background application on Misty’s Windows device. The Skill Runner web pages uses the Windows management dashboard to perform this installation – so, when you install a .NET skill from the web page, you must supply credentials because the management dashboard requires them. Installing a JS skills doesn’t require these credentials, because JS skills don’t actually install as background applications on Misty’s Windows device.

Actually it is a FEP robot. I checked for a sticker but did not see one. Is there a shared password for all FEPs?

Thanks for your explanation. Unless I missed something, it is feasible for the DELETE /api/skills command to be implemented such that a username/password is not required for C# skills. Since there is no security reason otherwise, I think this would be a good feature to make the management API of JS skills and C# skills the same.

My reason to conclude feasibility is that the Misty REST API is implemented in (I guess) a C# program. Therefore, it can use the full networking stack and, in particular, can make an SSH tunnel as Visual Studio does.

Thanks for this feedback. I’m not as close to the details as others on the team, but I do assume it would be possible. This kind of change isn’t on the near-term roadmap, though I’d encourage you to add it as a wishlist item so it can be tracked with other feature requests.

Ah, thanks. I wondered. No, I don’t think it’s a shared password - I think we (Misty team) have to give you the Windows device credentials for FEP robots. Is there a sticker with your robot’s serial number (SN:) on the base? Could you send that number to me here or in a private message, whichever you’re comfortable with?

For posterity, @johnathan sent me the credentials, and all is well.