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User account migration



Hey! We can chat about and test user migration to Auth0 ( here


This topic was created by my test migration user


How do I know what kind of account I have?


I just did a single sign on implementation at work for our various sites (newspapers).
Went live almost two months ago. Still waking up in the middle of the night in cold sweats…


If you can sign in with the Auth0 button on the login page you have an SSO account and so long as you can still access all of your topics and content you are good to go.

  • Note to be able to access all of your content if you signed up not using sso you need to sign up using the Auth0 button and use the exact same email address that you used to sign up via the non sso login.


@kyle I had been waiting for a few words from you before messaging to the community about this migration. Due to that I think we are NOT on track to switch over at the end of this sprint but mostly likely the following one.