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Updating community site login mechanism


We’re in the process of switching all of our community logins to utilize Auth0. We are doing this to provide better security and make it more convenient to sign into other Misty services with the same login in the future. As a part of this process we are going to phase out other login mechanisms on the Misty Community site.

NOTE: If you have already created an account in the Misty companion app, you already have an Auth0 account so simply use that to log in here.

We are asking that everyone create an account with Auth0 and then use it to access the Community site. If you use the same email address you used when creating your community account, all your posts and settings will migrate with you. Here are the instructions:

Community Site SSO Migration Instructions

If you are not able to sign into the community site using the Auth0 button this means you do not have an SSO account. To create one and preserve your community site data after we migrate to full SSO log out and when logging in click the auth0 button

A popup will appear. Click the sign up tab, fill out the form using the exact same email address you used to sign up for the forums and click the sign up button.

If you do not remember the email address you signed up with you can find it via your account page.

Once you have signed up with Auth0 SSO you should be able to see all of your content and past posts. You will also need to click the link on the Auth0 confirmation you will receive.

After you have verified your Auth0 account you should be all set!!!

Note: After the community migration to full SSO has occurred you will still be able to sign up with an account using Auth0 and have access to your content.



When I attempted this I got “THE USER ALREADY EXISTS” in a red banner across the top.


@kyle could you investigate this?


Miker since you have a Misty 1, I’m guessing you have signed into the companion app and you have created an Auth0 account. You can use the same credentials you used to sign into the companion mobile app to sign into the forums using the Auth0 button.


Kyle, that worked. Thank you.

Do I use this same Auth0 login with Slack or not yet?


Slack is currently not using Auth0 so you should be able to log into Slack as you normally would.