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Updated Python Wrapper!

Hey All,

We updated our Python wrapper that enables everyone to use their favorite snake-based programming language with their Misty Robot!

This is still in Beta, but we wanted to give folks a chance to interact with it and send feedback. Keep your eyes on the repo for updates!

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The python wrapper works!!. I ran into this issue and wanted to understand how to fix this "WebSocketConnectionClosedException(“socket is already closed.”). When i run mia.subscribe(“StringMessage”). I get this error message.

@scooter Thanks for letting us know! Can you give me a little more context? Is this happening the very first time you subscribe to the socket? Every time?

Always. I have not been able to open a websocket using python. From the documentation, it mentions to install websocket module but in my case i had to install websocket-client module to make it go through without any errors

can you open an issue on GitHub to help with organization and tracking?

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@slivingston thanks for posting, @scooter would you be able to open an issue in Github?