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Upcoming Breaking Changes to FaceRecognition Events

To comply with GDPR regulations, the PersonName property in Misty’s FaceRecognition event message will be removed and replaced with a Label property over the next several weeks. The value associated with this property will not change.

To avoid breaking skills you already have in production, we will update the FaceRecognition event message according to the strategy below:

  • The Label property will be added to the FaceRecognition event message in an update planned for the week of January 20, 2020. The Label and PersonName properties will exist alongside each other, and will return the same values, for at least 30 days after this release.
  • After this 30-day window, Misty will receive another update that will remove the PersonName field altogether. After this point, you must use the Label field to retrieve the label associated with known faces that Misty returns in FaceRecognition event messages.

This change will impact your skills if you reference the PersonName property in your skill code. If none of your skills use the PersonName property, no action is required. The publicly shared sample skills and tutorials maintained by the Misty Robotics organization will be updated with this change.

can you explain how PersonName would be in violation of GDPR laws?

I assume it has to do with lawyers/government bureaucrats fixating on the name of the field rather than the fact it doesn’t have to be populated with a real person’s name.


Instead of FaceId, the new property will be called Label. Additionally, the Label property will be added in an update planned for the week of Jan 20, 2020, instead of today’s update.

I don’t think the field itself would be in violation, but the field “PersonName” might encourage developers to break GDPR. Biometric data (faces) should be anonymized any chance it can be done so there should be a generic label attached to faces instead of names.

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