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Un-Biased Robots

This article:

outlines some of the efforts going on to remove bias from learned systems (AIs in general and robots in specific). They range from getting more diverse training data (as Affectiva does) to building robots that don’t display traditional gender cues (like Furhat does).

At work we tend to refer to our misty’s as ‘she,’ although there’s nothing particularly gendered about the shape or behavior of the robot - it was a deliberate attempt to raise awareness of gender issues in tech. However, ‘He’ or ‘It’ would be just as appropriate.

What pronouns do you use to refer to your robot? Do you think it matters?


Deciding to call a robot a “she” is just anthropomorphism. I wouldn’t say there is anything sexist about that in particular.

I also think that it’s a lofty goal; robots should strive to be perfect in the same way we strive to live up to virtues such as honesty and integrity. A robot will never be perfect because perfection is subjective and impossible.

Another interesting article:

With a nice quotation:
" For many robot makers, this kind of gendering helps infuse the machine with personality, and therefore make it easier for the consumer to form a bond. (Read: cha-ching .) “It” just doesn’t have the same ring as “he” or “she.”"