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UART Serial communication


I’m working with Misty II for a schoolproject and I ran into a problem. The problem is with serial reading and writing. The first thing I tryed to do was extending Misty with a Arduino Uno and that whent well, the second thing I tryed was to extend Misty with a Raspberry pi and there I ran into a problem(I’m very new to Arduino and Raspberry pi). The problem is that Misty couldn’t get information from the Raspberry pi. I tryed a few different things like different versions of the Raspberry pi(pi 3, pi 3b+ and pi 4b) and letting the Raspberry pi communicate with anther Raspberry pi and there I ran into no problems. So my question is if somebody can help me?


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Can you share photographs that show how you connected a Raspberry Pi to Misty?

Hi @teun27 ,

As you already had success on Arduino communication, I suspect that this could be the issue: Carriage Return and Line Feed.

Adding “\r\n” to the end of the messages could do the trick.
Arduino’s serial print by default adds Carriage Return and Line Feed… But if you are using libraries on raspberry you would need to manually add them.

Like Slivingston has asked some pictures we be really helpful to debug faster.

CP [• •]

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The problem that I encountered was solved with “\r\n”, Thanks for the help! :grinning:

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Hi @teun27 , may i know how do you communicate using serial UART from rasberry Pi with Misty ? What software tools was used ?

Hi @believeitcode,

Here is a sample on UART communication between Jetson (Python) and Misty (JS Skill). A Raspberry Pi implementation would be very similar too with minor changes like the port name “/dev/ttyTHS0”.

Hi CP , i already solved the problem . Thanks for the reference .

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