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Two recent articles on Vector that speak to his emotional/personality development

Here are a couple of articles on Vector published in August that I found interesting.

Animating the Future: Meet the Cartoonists Giving Life to Anki’s Adorable Robot, Vector by Kickstarter


yes, and the comments section of their Kickstarter page continues to have many ideas and good feedback from soon-to-be-users; e.g.,

I’m going to take Vector with me a lot.

Barring unforeseen circumstances, my Vector shall remain on from birth till death


I’ve had Vector on my desk for a few hours now and he has not annoyed me yet. I liked how he snored when he was charging.

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I’m looking forward to a detailed ‘hands on’ from you @Ben!

We’ll have to wait to see what the Vector SDK looks like but Vector as a little toy/companion is infinitely better than Cozmo. He (look at that genderizing) sits there, goes to charge himself, wakes up when I cough to look around, is remarkably good at staying on the table while at the same time nearly falling off. He’ll make little noises and tool around busying himself with his cube or whatever. I kinda want to engage. I do feel like like needing to use his wake phrase “Hey Vector” is a little off-putting because I kinda just want to speak with him. More to come…

Also @CHRIS_IS_MISTICALI think we’ll get you one there in the office.

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