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Hi all!

If you haven’t been on here yet, would be a great spot for Misty to hang out, I’ve already shared Misty with the folks there through the discord channel. Give it a shot. It’s still in early stages.

Let’s Robot TV


Thanks Matt. I tried to take a look on my tablet and didn’t get far. Will take a look tomorrow. What is the best thing about letsrobot that makes you suggest it?

  1. allows anyone to participate in robot interaction over the web
  2. allows robot devs to try new and interesting ways of participating with users
  3. can be a good project to get devs to learn how to use the misty sdk with other tools since ultimately they would need to add some code to stream video and audio via ffmeg and websockets as well as learn which controls to expose over websockets too. might be too low level, not sure.
  4. perhaps more people will get exposure to misty

Let’s Robot is awesome. We’ve got more than a few fans in the office and are excited by the prospect of getting a Misty or two up and running on the platform.

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I’m envisioning a “Twitch Plays Pokemon”-style chaos controlling a Misty, and honestly, that sounds pretty exciting/entertaining (probably both!)


I have suggested this before! I love Twitch Plays :smiley:


can you give some more details of what you did?

in particular, how far are you from realizing your comment:

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All I mentioned there was this community and the misty robot. I don’t have a misty yet so still haven’t done anything.

oh. I misread your original post.

anyway, I think there is indeed potential in supporting how devs learn the Misty SDK. On a large scale, we can imagine thousands of Misty robots in a warehouse, continuously running integration tests, like the device cloud offered by Sauce Labs (


I do plan on creating some medium posts, github jists and repos etc. once I get it to help people get started and excited. I just got a Misty I ordered so whenever it gets here I can start taking over the world :t_rex: :derelict_house: :mistybot: