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Tutorial | Introduction to Mapping


Tutorial | Introduction to Mapping :world_map:

This tutorial describes how to use Misty’s simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system to obtain data about your robot’s location and draw a map of her surroundings. When this skill runs, Misty enables the mapping capabilities of her Occipital Structure Core depth sensor and creates a map as you use the API Explorer to drive her around her environment. When she finishes driving, Misty draws a map of the location she explored. This tutorial teaches

  • how to use mapping REST API commands
  • how to subscribe to the data stream from the SelfState WebSocket connection
  • how to transform raw map data into a graphical map of Misty’s environment

Grab the code from GitHub!


Folks, would love to hear your feedback on this one. Mapping is still “alpha” on Misty, but we’ve tried to provide a sample that you can at least play with.


It is probably my Misty but whenever I run Tutorial 4 I get the following in the console:
Opened socket
lightSocket.js:17 Subscribing to SelfState as SlamStatus
Tutorial-4.html:52 1 - Subscribed to SelfState, getting pose
Tutorial-4.html:62 runMode: Uninitialized
Tutorial-4.html:62 runMode: Uninitialized
: # ad infinitum
At the very least, handling the Uninitialized case should be added.