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Training Mission: Code a Robot Concierge Skill

Mission Objective: Use the Misty Concierge Template to code a concierge skill for Misty II!
Mission Type: Training
Launch Date: 1/30/2020
End Date: Ongoing

Mission Overview

Earlier this year we launched Misty II Application Templates as an open-source initiative to make it easier for developers to start building skills for Misty II. The first template focuses on putting Misty to work as a robot concierge.

The Misty-Concierge-Template repository includes the code for a JavaScript skill that integrates with a custom Dialogflow agent to let you quickly create custom voice interactions for your Misty II. The template comes with a complete set of detailed instructions that describe how to set up your Dialogflow agent and update your skill code to handle Dialogflow response data.

The concierge template is a great tool for developers who want a quick way to see what Misty is capable of. That’s why this week’s training mission is to download the template and build your own concierge skill for Misty. We want you to follow the implementation guide to set up your own Dialogflow agent, create a handful of custom intents, and update the skill code to define how Misty should respond to different types of questions.

When you’re done, post a video to show us what you’ve built, or upload the settings for your Dialogflow agent so that other members of the community can try out your version of the basic concierge template. Then, head on over to the challenge portion of this mission to see how your contributions to the Misty-Concierge-Template repository can get you a chance to win some Misty gear!

Mission Support

Hit a roadblock? Find a bug? Have feedback? Let us know! As Misty’s earliest developers, you are the real superstars on the journey to making personal robots a reality. Your creativity makes all this possible, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Reply to this post to start a conversation with a member of the Misty team.