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The robot accumulated heat and start burn. any body know how to fix it

I have bought two misty robots. One had burned out and just bought another new one. Just run a couple of minutes then I smell something bad.
I decide to come here to see anybody can help.

Here is what I did for the new one. base on the time

11:20 AM: power on the robot

11:21: enable avstream

11:22: process frame at a remote pc. base what the robot saw to let the robot move forward or turn.

11:28: robot stuck somewhere and let the robot execute some random action to move out of the situation.

11:30: robot tries to backward, forward, left turn, and right turn. then I touch the bottom feel the heat and also smell something.

11:31 I power off the robot

Now I have turn the robot off every 20 minutes

The old robot which burned.

motor plastics burned_5

Hi, have you reached out to support and gotten a response from anyone about this yet?

It looks like the motors really overheated while trying to come out of stalled position. We do have safeguards in place for this (current limiting and detecting of stalls), but apparently it didn’t help here for some reason.

If you haven’t yet, please reach out to support for repairing of your Misty.

It looks like there may be either a bug or a flaw in how our control system handles certain drive commands that causes the motors to potentially overheat. We spent some time on the phone with Nion and we’re getting his robot repaired now. From the skill side, we’re looking into ways to send the commands so they don’t cause this problem and we filed a bug report to prevent this in the future with a firmware update.

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