Misty Community Forum

🚚 The Misty community is moving!

Today we launched a new version of Misty which keeps everything we love about her while making her even more enjoyable and easy to use :slightly_smiling_face:
Amongst others, we have updated Misty’s conversational skills, Python :snake: will be our go-to programming language moving forward, and we’ve enhanced Blockly’s drag and drop functionality. Not to mention our brand new Misty Studio!
Find more about the new and improved features here.
Moving forward, we are discontinuing this Misty community forum and will instead communicate with you directly in our Slack community space. There, you can get in touch with other Misty users, discuss skills and setups and will always be up to date on the latest and greatest developments around Misty. Not a member yet? → Join the Slack community here!
In case you need technical support :hammer: due to something malfunctioning, please raise a support ticket via support@mistyrobotics.com and our team will come back to you shortly.
See you on the other side :rainbow: !!!

I’ve noticed the JavaScript SDK is now missing from the docs page. Is this SDK now deprecated?

Lovely build.

Yes, we’ll be sunsetting the javascript sdk in favor of python once the python system becomes capable enough to service the same needs.

As a component of moving the community to Slack, we’ll be sunsetting this forum at the end of the month. If you haven’t signed joined the Slack community yet, please do. This forum will be pulled down at the end of the month.