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The Misty Cheat Sheet

In an attempt to help developers make an Idea into a skill really fast and explore all available option, This cheat sheet was created. It also bridges the gap between API-Explorer and Misty Documentation. I strongly feel this is a must have when you are writing the pseudocode.

Download link to the Cheat Sheet: https://github.com/CPsridharCP/MistySkills/raw/master/CheatSheet/MistyCheatSheet.pdf


I appreciate this cheat sheet. Do you think you could find a way to invert the colors? I would like to not have the black background.

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I agree - that would be useful.

Added a white background based version of the cheat sheet!
Download link: https://github.com/CPsridharCP/MistySkills/raw/master/CheatSheet/MistyCheatSheetBright.pdf