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The lost item finder

From a Mistyc: the robot could be programmed to understand commonly lost objects and, when someone loses the object, that person asks Misty to help them find the object. This could also be done remotely - as in “did I leave [object] at the office last night (or at home in my rush to get to work)”?


This is a good skill. I know a few people that are always loosing track of things.

There are two ways for this:

  1. Tile based bluetooth tracking for like ‘where are my keys’ or my ‘phone’.
    where you have a locator on it.

    • Fairly simple and most have the option of seeing the last known location
      and a locator if there your phone/Misty was in range with the app.
  2. The other requires object recognition, which falls under:
    a. Natural language processing - to hear/determine what you want
    b. Vision: Object recognition, which may require a attachment like the topic
    of a telescoping LCD/camera to see on top of a counter/table for keys or similar.

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Misty will be wandering around for lost socks for eternity :rofl: