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The Latest XPrize Is For Building Remote-Controlled Humanoid Robots

Try this is exactly the sort of thing that’s shows both the interest in personal robots and that we have a long way to go.


Dang, you beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Always room for more discussion. Are you excited about this? Going to try to engage in some way in an effort towards that goal/prize?

It’s cool and all but I see companies like softbanks that sink money into lots of robotics projects with huge teams of talented people yet still haven’t solved too much. Part of the problem is hype from something like Romeo that is supposed to help people, but then in reality this is the state of things (he’s not helping anyone anytime soon). Softbanks recently acquired Boston Dynamics, so I could see that upping the game (although Alderbran and BD are companies under the same umbrella they most likely don’t chat with each other).
So I look at that and wonder how a random team could come up with much better at such a seemingly small budget ($8 mill is nothing in robotics land) , and it’s not like there aren’t thousands of folks in academia and private sector trying and/or making products to solve these tough challenges using robots.
I could seeing applicants being a few self funded folks but mainly groups that have funding already. It of course says it’s open to all, but that doesn’t mean anyone really will be able to and have a chance against those with already existing budgets and resources.
I would engage if it was in the form on contributing to a team with specific tasks to take on, but remote passion projects rarely are successful. If it was funded team, for sure would.

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Agreed - the prize is for the attention, not really the money. I think it is pretty common for the prize money to just cover expenses (or not quite).

I have to agree that a funded project recruiting the right team would move this forward and could likely solve this challenge. We would need to think a bit out of the norm and use team members from other areas (outside of computer science, programming, and robotics) like engineers that are good with the mechanical aspects or materials scientists that could adapt new materials to the task at hand.