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Teleoperate Misty Even Remotely

Hi Developers,

I stared a fun weekend project to play with Misty, Video Streaming and Teleop with Python.
Here is something I put together real quick.



The Python program can scan for Misty’s and find the IP addresses too. I used PySimpleGui to make a basic GUI. The code lives and runs on an external computer. Also made a Raspberry Pi image of the same with everything installed (need very minimal setup like connecting to wifi), so you could leave it plugged in at your place and use realVNC to access the GUI, drive around with the video feed remotely using a phone or a compute.
Gets as simple as double clicking an icon on the desktop.

I have been having my friends and family from India, drive Misty around in my space at Colorado and talk to me (STT, audio two way not in yet; they normally call me when they are remote operating).
It has been so much fun !!
Thought I might share it with you all.


Raspberry-Pi-Image-And-Instructions for easy remote access:

Play with it !!
CP [ • • ]