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Taking Attendance

We would like our Misty to take attendance for our high school class. For this, we would like to gather information on how to use maps we have created and also how to utilize the facial recognition feature. We are lost as so far our maps have done nothing and the facial recognition feature may or may not work. Please help us.

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Welcome to the community, @npainter01! Thanks for posting your questions here. Using Misty to take attendance is a great idea.

It would be helpful to learn more about your goals for the project. What does a successful Attendance skill look like? Is your goal to have Misty roam the classroom independently and check whether each student is in their seat?

Face recognition is fairly robust, but much of Misty’s mapping functionality is still in early development. There are, however, creative ways to use the maps that Misty builds to have the robot navigate from one point to another in your skills. How have you tried to use mapping and face recognition so far? Are you experimenting with the Command Center, or have you been writing skills with JavaScript or C#?

Thanks for responding! We have been experimenting with the Command Center and have gotten full maps. However, we don’t know how to access the maps we have created or use them. Regarding attendance, our goal is to have Misty roam the classroom and check if students are here then report missing students to the teacher. We can also get faces but don’t know how to utilize the faces. Thanks for the help!

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Very cool :slight_smile:

The functionality in the Navigation Module that allows you to select / modify maps with the dropdown menu isn’t working yet – but that menu just calls Misty’s REST API commands, and you can invoke those same commands using the API Explorer, curl, Postman, or really any other method of issuing REST requests to Misty. Take a look at this post from another thread for more information on mapping and for a few links that may help you use Misty’s mapping & navigation capabilities effectively (recommended reading for anyone attempting to use the robot’s SLAM :slight_smile: )

For face recognition – once you have trained Misty to recognize a face, you can register for FaceRecognition events in your skill code to get data about the faces that Misty sees. You can then use that data to invoke different commands depending on who the robot saw. If you haven’t already worked through it, Misty’s Hello World tutorial series provides a good example of how to use face recognition in a JavaScript skill.

Have fun, and please feel free to post any more questions you have here!

Thanks! We will look into these options and let you know if any problems arise!