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Suggestions for a 3D printer for Misty addons


I am trying to get some suggestions on a good 3D printer to make addon components for Misty


I had I Robo 3D R1
I have since moved on to a Prusa i3 MKS2
It is pretty amazing and doesn’t seem to need as much constant adjusting and tinkering as the Robo needed.
I dont have a Misty though, from what I seen of it at BUILD a couple weeks ago the build platform size on the Prusa would serve you well.


You budget will be part of the decision. The E-nable prosthetic list is:
3D PRINTERS – Enabling The Future
One of the knowledgable people (not me) recommended the Creality CR-10
and for the use for prosthetic hands.
I bought the Creality CR-10 300 (around $350)
Creality3D CR - 10 3D Printer - $389.99 Free Shipping|
* VERY easy to put together
* I did have to play with the leveling (but I am still learning what is best)

Prusa i3 MKS2 - is very well loved from what I have read. (around $600 from Prusa).


Prusa is indeed pretty solid, and as Mark said, the budget really will drive a lot of what you can do.
I also saw the polyprinter at a recent maker faire and was pretty impressed. The price was a little :grimacing: but it can do a lot (large build plate and can print many types of materials) and is fast.
Can’t recommend makerbot (too many bad experiences with it)
I will say the lulzbot has been pretty rad and probably would get again, although some other materials required a different nozzle attachment.
Thats my 2 cents.


I personally own two Lulzbot 3D printers. I really like them and have had very positive experiences with them (Taz 6 and the mini). Having a heated printer bed is very nice.


Thank you for the input =)


I saw a bunch of these at Maker Faire and @jody had good things to say about his Prusa printer.


Cannot say enough good things about the Prusa. Support is fantastic as well.


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My old reliable UP! 1.2 and UP MINI 2 have worked great for me when I am printing out robot parts. I have had both for many years.


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