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As a new user and backer of Misty II I’d like to have a learning (non prod) environment I can go to, while I wait for the release and shipment, to start learning the language required for Misty II.
Is there a simulator we can make the most of in the meantime to start:

  1. Learning the language through some basic tutorials AND/OR
  2. Testing our code through a Misty II simulator

For those of you who, like me, would love to get ahead of the game so they can hit the ground running once my Misty II gets delivered, I’d welcome your thoughts, comments, advice below.


Welcome! A simulator has been discussed on the site and is something we are interested in but we are not sure when it will come about or if it will come from the community or from Misty directly. Here is a link to the discussion of this:

And here is a link to the feature roadmap where you can add and vote on features and ideas for inclusion in Misty II and beyond:


I should have also mentioned that you can get started learning JavaScript, right away. It’s not just useful for Misty :slight_smile:

The documentation is available to you as our the API Explorer and Blockly clients (but those won’t do much without a robot to connect to them).

Lastly here’s a video about programming with Misty if you have yet to see it:


Thanks Ben. Very helpful :+1: I’ll submit the simulator as an idea for the roadmap in that case. Will get started on some Javascript courses in the meantime and get familiar with Blockly.
If there’s anything you’d recommend in the form of materials/courses/multimedia etc, I’d appreciate the advice.


@Ben and @MTO013 I actually am close to releasing a basic version of a simulator in Unity, work ramped up and haven’t had a chance to finish it, hopefully will have something by this weekend to share. I had the same anxious waiting period for the Misty I Beta :wink:


@station fantastic! I’ll keep my eye out for your update.


@MTO013 what are your requirements for simulation?


To piggyback on this, any simulated sensor data would not be guaranteed to reflect the actual location of the robot. I think there are very limited scenarios where a simulation is actually worthwhile, but I am definitely open to having my mind changed.


furthermore, any real sensor data is not guaranteed to reflect the actual location of the robot, e.g., because of time delays.

whether simulation is worthwhile, and in particular, what is a sufficient kind of simulation, depend on the requirements, which is why I asked.

@Scott if your assertion about very limited scenarios where it is useful is with respect to Misty robots, then I think that no one can support or refute your assertion until the amount of software running on these robots becomes much larger.


Yes with respect to Misty!

I have seen and experimented with some very useful simulations, particularly OpenAI Gym. There are situations where simulation can act as a bootstrap or as a behavioral test/validation.


@slivingston @Scott thanks for continuing this conversation.
I was hoping to run my code in a simulator that could focus on particular functional elements and features for Misty II. I wouldn’t go as far to suggest a simulator that ventures into the deep learning world of image recognition etc.
Simply put - I’d like to pick “Misty Movement”, for example and hit run for the code in my console to play out the movements in a Misty simulator (to mimic going forward, backward, head and arm movements etc). I could then focus on other elements like emotion display and the LED visor to play around with what appears on the screen for eyes or other graphics in sync with subtle movements.
Just some thoughts for now. Nothing too advanced or developed just yet, but would be good to find an environment that could even attempt some simple mock-ups of this nature.


@MTO013 would you be interested in remote access to a Misty I Developer Edition? It is not a Misty II, but it does allow you to kick the tires on a precursor to Misty II.

I am prototyping services that provide ephemeral access to several kinds of robots and allow you to focus on the software side of programming robots, while testing on real hardware.

At this time, I have one Misty I Developer Edition on a lift (documentation - rerobots (beta)), but I will soon setup a space in which it can freely move.



@slivingston sounds like a great idea! Let me know when you’re set up and ready to grant remote access.


I would love to have a simulator available…would allow experimentation before gaining access to the robot itself.


I’m also getting started now. I have two sphero bots to learn with (BB-8 and sprk+), and I just found this awesome kids book on JS (not a kid by a long shot). Being a visual learner, this is really helping me get a jumpstart. Coding for Kids by Stephen J.Wolf PhD. and you build a game as you learn code, so it may be ‘simplistic’, but I’m liking how much I’m learning something that is applicable, so I’ll remember it!
(I’ve included the link to the book. Don’t judge. :wink:)


My high school daughter is also working on JavaScript. She’s been working through Khan Academy modules. I can’t speak to the quality of the JS ones, but overall Khan Academy is an amazing, super high quality learning resource. Nominally for kids, but great for adults, too. You can deep dive into a particular topic or just work through classes.


@Donna @TaraKing Khan Academy is great!
My personal preference is Udemy and in particular this course: Web Developer Bootcamp
Although it’s designed for those interested in becoming a Full-Stack Web Developer, Colt touches on everything from HTML, JavaScript (node.js) to Bootstrap, jQuery, APIs, MongoDB, REST, Authentication, GitHub among others.
Really engaging and you leave with a really complex website that you’ve built from the ground up to be proud of.
There’s also a great app for on the go learning called Py.


Thanks @MTO013 & @Donna, I will look into this as well!


Still interested? Send an email to with your preferred username, and I will create an account for you at

There are other options for the remote access, including SSH into a Linux box that is physically local to the Misty I Developer’s Edition robot.


Scott, you rock a LOT! :sunglasses: