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"Speak" command not working

Hi Jonathan,

Good day!

My Misty suddenly stops speaking after an automatic update. So, I switched her off and on again, still she can’t speak. Then, I updated her Sensory and everything, she still can’t speak. The Speak in API explorer does not make her to speak too.

 "result": false,
 "status": "Success"

Do you know what shall I do to make her speak again?

Many thanks.

Best regards,

Hey, @aria.zhenzhenli

This sounds like it’s probably related to an issue with the Speak command that we’ve been tracking down.

The high level is that sometimes Misty’s onboard text-to-speech fails to come up correctly when the robot boots up. When this happens, the Speak command fails on every attempt during that boot. The only workaround right now is to reboot Misty, so that TTS has another chance to come online correctly. This can take a few tries if the service fails to come up several times in a row :frowning:

We’re looking into ways to make the service more reliable, and I’d expect to see a fix for this in an upcoming release, but we don’t have an estimate on when it will be ready. If you have more questions, feel free to post them here, and I’ll see if I can get more detail from someone who’s closer to the issue.

Hi Jonathan,

Many thanks for this. My Misty was speaking again after a 5-minutes nap during the lunchtime. It is good that you are working on it. Best luck with it. Looking forward to hear good news.

Best regards,

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Hi @johnathan, I’ve had a similar problem… Misty not speaking after a random update. also throwing a 605 update (?) error that reads “contact support.” This has happened at least 3-4 times. (I haven’t contacted support :wink: )

However, restarting Misty and trying again, 2-3 times… usually resolves it, similar to @aria.zhenzhenli’s report of a 5 minute nap.

It’s ok for practice and demos, but this is more of an issue in sessions with clients (not urgent as COVID-19 has paused this). Do you know what’s causing this? Seems to be related to the updates when Misty gets back online after some time away.