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Snap-on/Slide-in body


Snap-in/on; slide-in form factor misty brain/head.
Think of this as basically removing the ‘wheels’/tracks from the
current Misty. And it slides into the ‘frame’ for the Wheels/Tracks
Snap-in sockets for network connection to the wheel/arm platform
(or they can also be separate connections, but for larger frame size
they need to be connected for support reasons).

Then Misty would just be the Head/Heart area that plugs into the frame.
Do-able today would be: Wheels/Tracks as they are now, but just ‘slide-in’/'snap-in, power for motors self contained battery, but chargeable via full device. 4-6 leg walker could not be that far off, and experiments could be done more easily.

  • Body - legs, Arms - versus fixed size
  • Introduces issues of sensor locations need to be responsibility of the ‘body’ to feed back. (Foot/arm would have proximity and/or distance sensor) [Think edge detection, proximity to object versus only use of camera.] Addition of a few gyroscopes, accelerometers to detect things like orientation of body and movement. The legs may also want this.
  • I like the modular arms but the locomotion is a significant other part. (perhaps this just goes on the ‘roadmap’). I think a stair climbing track module and 4-6 legged walker are do-able already given resources perhaps a portion of the ‘brains’ needs to be in the leg module so Misty just tells it to go in a: direction [0-360 degrees], speed, duration, type:
    (move [forward] 0 degrees, 50% speed, for X seconds or a with a type/pattern walk/run/skip/dance)
    Enables future high level variability, but also you can have a second low level second API for each ‘add-on’

Robot Arm for Misty II

I’d encourage you to also use this page which we just launched:


Thanks I added that and a few others.