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Smart home intractive?



Just curious about the interaction with smart home electronic devices on a z wave set up. All makers are interested changeable on those devices and they haveore coming out


I’ll weigh in on this soon but I’ll flag for @jody and @tenwall first.


I have done the considerable amount a smart home installations and using the Z-Wave and if it’s not already ready for this upgrade to be an active and Interactive part of integration to be a rely upon feature it could be limitless part of the smart home when the owner is away and a reliable part of fire and security systems


There is a lot of potential for Misty to interact with Zwave devices. I don’t know if your question is asking should Misty itself be a zwave node, but in any case the interaction possibilities are mind boggling.

  1. The Energy Watcher
    So Misty patrols around the house and notices that a room is unoccupied, and it knows that you are in another area of the house. Misty could turn the lights out without a need to wait for a timer to countdown. When you come back in the room a motion sensor could turn the light back on. Or Misty just follows you and shuts lights off as you exit areas of the house.

  2. Misty Enabled Door Portal
    They already have these for pets but it could set up so that misty could use zwave to “unlock” a mini door built into your larger door. This would allow Misty to move into and out of closed off parts of the house. A good example would be if you wanted to put Misty’s charging base inside of a closet, and you did not want your pets going in. Misty could trigger the door to open on approach and close the door behind itself, only if the pet did not intrude at the same time of course.

  3. Visual Confirmation
    Misty could do a patrol and confirm all doors and windows are indeed closed when they are supposed to be. With enough visual smarts it could close z-wave enabled blinds if too much sunlight was detected in a room on a warm day or open them if things were too dark.

  4. Always Nearby Voice Assistant
    And finally Misty could be the voice assistant that follows you around and is context aware. You would never need to know the magic incantation to get the lights on or play some music in whatever room you both happen to be in. Thanks to mapping “Turn the lights off” would always work on the devices in your current location.


Or could unlock the door and let you in… I was wondering if it has the capabilities to interact with other systems. The FPV from the ocular view of the robot remotely from another an enquiry as to it’s capability… . Is there a full disclosure of what it’s capable of with an expansive description of what it can and will be able to do.


Could it be " a voice " to someone entering your home illegslly or breaking in and sets off a sensor and the robot literally scare the living daylights out of someone by speaking " I have a gun" or " the cops are on their way " or maybe gun shot sounds and see how quickly they leave. Does it have a cdma built in ?


The short answer is: Misty will have whatever capabilities this community creates and shares. Because it’s autonomous and has serial and USB ports, and has camera, screen, mic and speaker, as Jody says, the possibilities for this community to create and share are endless.

Shouldn’t be hard for our customers to serial-or USB-attach a Zwave (or ZigBee, or…) dongle and write skills to start managing a smart home.

We don’t plan to write and share skills (maybe a few exemplars over time); we are focused on providing all the foundational tech to make creating these skills easy for most developers and makers.


being in the fire security industry and passionate about people being safe at home and knowing if something happens that there will be help coming if things go wrong. does misty have a CDMA module built in ? or other means of communicating with emergency responders ? Can misty respond in an emergency ? maybe a prerecorded response to family. or notify that someone went outside that wasn’t supposed ? reminder for medication ? or an overdose of medication ? assist elderly with mobility ? i am new still but didn’t see where capabilities stand as of now


The short answer, @dockinzy1 is the last Misty will not ship with a CDMA module. The longer answer is this is exactly the sort of thing we are planning for with hardware extensibility. We hope the community comes up with these sorts of accessories so we plan on enabling them.


So does that mean it will have a slot for a Sim card or it will plug into the main board as an accessory or with a CDMA card or do you know yet ? The type will make a difference in expandability and other communication options


We are planning several accessory options for exampandabilty. There almost certainly won’t be a sim card slot or CDMA card slot natively. These would need to be added through a hardware accessory.


Since communication with misty is going to be a hardware add on and I was wondering are there going to be USB ports built inside of the robot so no wires or connections will be seen ? And since multi functions are going to be add ons will the main board be able to handle the multiple upgrades along with the system memory ? Is memory going to be upgradeable ? Is there sufficient room inside for additiona hardware ?


Misty has WiFi and Bluetooth communication natively and has an external serial and USB port for expandability. Where these ports are located there is a cover which can be modified (3D print a bigger cover) to cover additional hardware.

Probably the simplest way to add cell phone connectivity would be to just put a cell hotspot on the Misty and power it via the USB. This way there is no software to write etc.


Thakns I was wondering the configuration because one of the first things I would like to try is by adding a z wave communication node to make it part of the home network which I am not sure a mobile z wave node has ever been done. When I add any z wave it is stationary and it being a mesh network I mighy try by installing a secondary touchscreen keypad but want to control it verbally via misty and it could be a interesting configuration to do with Bluetooth. Any thoughts , ideas, or suggestions are welcome. But cant do anything till I have something to work with. Has anyone mentioned arming the robot for protecting their home and lining icontrol panel area with Kevlar and its not on my list of things I want to do was just curious


Not an in-depth hardware spec, but this page might be helpful. It mentions the USB and serial ports, for example:


Never worked with z-wave but if it’s a mesh network then a mobile node should be fine since mesh networks should automatically reconnect to new nodes. As for adding a touch screen, it’s doable, but I would worry about the size and weight of it.


Thank you so much. I had not seen any specs at all. Have a great day


@dockinzy1 for zwave networks with only one or two nodes, you’re definitely right that things could get pretty tricky once the radio starts to recede from its closest neighbor. Depending on how deeply you get into the zwave stack you can definitely use the RSSI values and such to stop the robot before it gets too far out of range (unless, potentially, you’ve got the robot on max-speed and the round-trip-processing of RSSI is longer than it takes for the robot to “run away” from the zwave node).

Another interesting application that has come up in the community conversations has been the whole notion of mapping wireless signal strength. One could easily map the zwave signal strength within the environment with a mobile zwave node.


There are some other possibilities that are in the upcoming market not yet available to public but in New devices and another would be to integrate a Z-Wave extender and I think programmed as a slave /slave it would integrate into the network wherever it’s location would be. But it would also operate independently of the network