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[Skill Sharing Template] Misty Skill: Misty Sees You

When you’re ready to share your skills, you can use this post as a template. Read through the following guide, and see how we’ve shared the Misty Sees You skill down below.

  • Start by removing any passwords, credentials, API keys, or tokens your skill uses from your code.
    • If your skill uses 3rd party services, we recommend creating a private file (i.e. credentials.json) where you can store the details. Keep this file for your own personal use.
    • To help your fellow developers, annotate your code in the places where the skill uses these accounts and credentials. You can list the details and instructions about how to acquire and use credentials in the skill in a README file in the same repository as the skill.
  • Create a repository for your skill that you maintain on GitHub (or somewhere else other developers can download your code). If you don’t have a GitHub account, you can create one for free.
  • Sample Skill Template
  • License your repository. You can use whichever license you’d like. For more information about choosing a license, see GitHub’s article on Licensing a Repository.
  • Create a new topic for your skill in the Misty Skills category of the Community site. We suggest following this format:
    • Include Misty Skill in your topic title. For example, Misty Skill: My New Skill.
    • Include a link to the public repository where you are hosting your skill code. Paste a link to directly to the code file to expand the skill code in place.
    • Include any videos you have taken of the Misty running the skill. Paste a link to a YouTube video to embed the video in your post.
    • Include any relevant details about the skill (what it does, what third party services are used, plans for future development, etc.)
    • Make your post a Wiki.


Misty Sees You