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Siri Shortcuts as a voice interface for Misty's REST API


There are two “shortcuts” here - “Cheer Up Misty” and “Depress Misty”. These links should work to download the shortcuts to an iOS device:

Here are screenshots for those who may be interested in the control flow:

It’s pretty simple to set up a request in Shorctuts for any of Misty’s endpoints.

  1. Create a Text action to hold Misty’s IP address
  2. Create a URL action and enter the endpoint for one of Misty’s REST commands. Use the contents of the Text action as the base URL (for Misty’s IP address).
  3. Create a Get Contents of URL action to set up your request.
  4. Profit?

This is the result of a few minutes of messing around. It wouldn’t take long to integrate a shortcut with other apps to create a pretty complex remote-running skill, or even just to hit the RunSkill endpoint to start an on-robot JavaScript skill. You can use Shortcuts to parse the JSON response for a request, assign the value of keys to variables, and use those variables elsewhere in your shortcut. I can see this leading to some pretty interesting Siri + Misty integrations.

I wonder how easy it would be to build an Alexa skill or a Cortana skill that lets you use voice commands to interface with Misty. Could open some interesting doors while Misty’s own audio processing capabilities are under development!


This is so :sunglasses:


why is the link text written in Chinese?


bizzare, not sure why that’s happening. i pasted the full URL, and that’s how they appear in the published post


try putting it in between < and >, e.g., like