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Short term limitation: Unable to stop audio clip once it's playing

At this time, all audio files will have to run to completion. We’re working on a command to stop/interrupt audio, but it’s not available yet. The short term solution if you MUST stop the audio from playing is to power cycle the robot :woman_shrugging:t3:

Keep this in mind if you’re loading and playing long audio files!

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Thanks @Chris!

Another solution: I have uploaded a 1second completely silent wav file. Anytime I want to stop playing a long audio file, I play this silent.wav to override and stop the long one from playing any further.

does this also work if it is an empty file (so, not wav format, but a file nonetheless)?

well, commands playing audio would expect a .wav or a .mp3 ! so i believe it has got to be one of these. I have not tried playing other formats. I would suggest you go ahead and try it !