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Share your Misty robot with remote users

If you want to share your Misty robot remotely with friends and family, or collaborators and students, then you should try hardshare. It makes your robot remotely accessible with low-level APIs as well as web-based IDEs like the Python code editor at https://rerobots.net/sandbox/fixed_misty2 or Blockly at (https://rerobots.net/sandbox/fixed_misty2?e=blockly). You can filter commands sent remotely to your robot, for example, blocking attempts to reboot or drive too fast.

The client software is open source. If you are interested, you can try it for free. Join the conversation on Discord or ask me via email q@rerobots.net

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there is a tutorial about doing this at 8. Tutorial: Misty — hardshare 0.9.4.dev0 documentation

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