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Scan incoming pallets / boxes

From a person in the community (while talking at the Wall St. Journal conference): I run an alcohol distribution company and my employees have to visually inspect / scan the incoming boxes and enter information into our computer system(s). They get tired and bored of doing that work - they’re just standing there and using their eyes to do mundane work. If I could “pay” a robot to scan the incoming crates without boredom that would make my employees happy and let them focus on higher-value tasks.


Great application and there must be tons that are similar. And what’s particularly interesting is that a potential buyer brought up the idea which speaks to the need.
So…Misty is billed as “the personal robot you’ve been waiting for…”. These types of applications seem to be more commercial in nature (nothing wrong with that) and I could see a need for Misty to become a little more robust and mobile. And maybe some of these applications are outdoors which could push for better weatherproofing and mobility. Do you foresee a possible line of Misty robots that vary in price and environmental capability?

Boston Dynamics and Clearpath Robotics seem to have products that are very robust but they are building “Range Rovers”…not something that any warehouse shop might want to experiment with.
To me it seems like there is plenty of market space along the price/capability spectrum to produce robots that exhibit just enough value for their cost. Misty looks great so I’m sure your team of robot builders can build whatever they have to.

It is surprising they have not automated that process already with a conveyer belt
and simple fixed direction scanner. That way it is only the load/unload at the truck
that would have to be done and placed in proper orientation. Or if they have the funds see Amazon’s warehouse :smile:


It’s hard to foresee Misty III right now - just focused on getting a great platform for lots of people - business experimenters; educators, students, hackers / makers… we are positive we will learn a great deal. And, also positive we will not be able to make all robot form factors. How we go about handling dominant form factors will really be a function of what we learn over the course of a couple of years.

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Yes, I think the solution for factories are very straight forward. But I could see other
similar applications. Where for example you have a UPC, QC, RFID type labels and
Misty would do checks for easy ID, inventory, especially through out a building and register ‘units’ and location.

Versus specialized applications like the: Warehouse where it is very structured (relatively speaking) and easy to implement (and has been automate in some form for at least 3 decades).