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RTSP via Ethernet

I’ve successfully been able to start the RTSP protocol using the REST api and have it stream to a python script that displays the video stream and plays the audio stream. However, when I use a USB->ethernet adapter and try it on a different network (I can’t connect to that network’s wifi because it’s enterprise auth), I get nothing from RTSP stream. Exact same code, no connection errors, it just doesn’t display. Could it be that Misty’s RTSP protocol only pipes to wifi connections? When I use the REST api to control Misty’s arms or drive on the ethernet, that works fine. So it’s just the RTSP stuff.

Any ideas?

More info:

When I invoke the RTSP protocol, the blue light comes on so it’s not a port or protocol block issue. No errors are thrown, it just returns empty frames (audio and video). I tried disconnecting the wifi (ssh’d into Misty and manually turned it off), but no go.

More info still.

I have a second Misty that just arrived. I hooked it up to the Ethernet without ever starting its wifi. Same problem. RTSP doesn’t work.

But now if I leave my teleop code on for a while, there is an error that the RTSP connection timed out. So even though the blue light comes on, the RTSP protocol doesn’t seem to be doing its job–but only on ethernet.

Yet another update.

I’ve tried pyav and opencv-python. Both can open the streams on wifi, but neither can on Ethernet.

Tried it on VLC. Same thing, works on wifi but not ethernet. Tried a different port (I’m at a university), still didn’t work.

Hi @caseykennington,

As you have observed this is a current limitation on Misty. There are two processors, a Snapdragon 820 and a 410. The video steam originates on the 820 (wifi side of things) and it does not go through 410 to which the USB-Ethernet is connected. REST calls and WebSockets can use both WiFi IP and Ethernet IP, but the AV streaming flows out only over WiFi.

Here is something I do when all I have is an enterprise network to work with. I bridge the enterprise network’s ethernet through my router to create a local WiFi network and have Misty, laptops connect to that local network. GL-AR750S / Slate - GL.iNet <- This router is always in my backpack. Hope you could do something like this as a workaround.

CP [• •]